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Configure identity

Updated: April 15, 2014

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services integrates with the following identity providers to make it easy to authenticate users from your app:

  • Microsoft Account

  • Facebook login

  • Twitter login

  • Google login

  • Azure Active Directory

To enable authentication, you must first register your app with one of these identity providers and then configure your mobile service. You must also add authentication code to your app.

When a user login is authenticated by Mobile Services in the JavaScript backend, the value of the userId property on the user object passed to server scripts is set to a value that uniquely identifies a user. This value can then be used to authorize access to data.

In a .NET backend, authenticated user information is obtained from User property of a controller, as in this example:

var currentUser = User as ServiceUser;

For more information, see Get started with authentication (Windows Store C# / Windows Store JavaScript / Windows Phone / iOS / Android / HTML).

securitySecurity Note
The “secret” value provided to you by an identity provider is an important security credential. Do not share it with anyone or distribute it with your app.

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