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EXECUTE AS Clause (Azure SQL Database)

This topic is OBSOLETE. You can find the most current version in the SQL 14 Transact-SQL Reference.

This topic is not maintained. For the current version, see EXECUTE AS Clause.

In Microsoft Microsoft Azure SQL Database, you can define the execution context of the following user-defined modules: functions (except inline table-valued functions), procedures, and triggers.  

Syntax Conventions (Azure SQL Database)

Functions (except inline table-valued functions), Stored Procedures, and DML Triggers
{ EXEC | EXECUTE } AS { CALLER | SELF | OWNER | 'user_name' } 

DDL Triggers with Database Scope
{ EXEC | EXECUTE } AS { CALLER | SELF | 'user_name' } 

This syntax diagram demonstrates the supported arguments and options in Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

When using the EXECUTE AS Clause statement, Microsoft Azure SQL Database does not support:

  • Executing DDL triggers with server scope and logon triggers.

  • Executing queues.

For more information about the arguments and the EXECUTE AS Clause statement, see EXECUTE AS Clause in SQL Server Books Online.

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