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Naming Queues and Metadata

Updated: November 12, 2013

This topic describes rules for naming queues and queue metadata.

Queue Names

Every queue within an account must have a unique name. The queue name must be a valid DNS name, and cannot be changed once created. Queue names must confirm to the following rules:

  1. A queue name must start with a letter or number, and can only contain letters, numbers, and the dash (-) character.

  2. The first and last letters in the queue name must be alphanumeric. The dash (-) character cannot be the first or last character. Consecutive dash characters are not permitted in the queue name.

  3. All letters in a queue name must be lowercase.

  4. A queue name must be from 3 through 63 characters long.

Metadata Names

Metadata for a queue resource is stored as name-value pairs. Beginning with REST API version 2009-09-19, metadata names must adhere to the naming rules for C# identifiers. Existing metadata names that do not adhere to these naming rules can be used with earlier versions of the Queue service, but not with REST API version 2009-09-19 or later.

Note that metadata names preserve the case with which they were created, but are case-insensitive when set or read. If two or more metadata headers with the same name are submitted for a resource, the Queue service returns status code 400 (Bad Request).

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