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Step 8: Test the Solution

Updated: January 16, 2014

In this step, we test the solution by dropping a flat-file message to a folder on the FTP Server. The XML One-Way Bridge should consume this message, process it, and then insert the values into the OrderDetails table in the Orders database of a SQL Server database.

To send a message to the bridge

  1. Locate the Orders.txt message from the location you downloaded the FTP_EAI_Tutorial sample and copy it to a folder on the FTP Server. The bridge you configured as part of the BizTalk Service project must be configured to pick messages from this folder. The Orders.txt message has the following content:

  2. Wait for the message to disappear. Now go to the OrderDetails table in the Orders database and verify if the new values have been inserted.

    Message inserted in the database

    Note that the values correspond to the data in the flat-file message that you dropped to the FTP server.

  3. Because you configured the bridge to track message properties, you can also view the tracked data. To do this, go to the BizTalk Services Portal registered for your BizTalk Services subscription, click the Tracking tab, click the Route: Route activity information, and then from the command bar, click Details. In the pop-up window, notice that the OrderId and TotalAmount properties are tracked and their values are also displayed.

    Track message properties

    Note that the tracked values correspond to the values that are inserted into the SQL Server database.

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