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IMsTscNonScriptable::BinaryPassword property

[This property is no longer available for use as of Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2).]

Specifies the password part of a binary encoded password. This should not be considered a securely encrypted format.

You can set this property to specify the password part of a connection password after converting the plaintext password by setting the ClearTextPassword property and then retrieving the BinaryPassword property.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_BinaryPassword(
  [in]   BSTR newPassword

HRESULT get_BinaryPassword(
  [out]  BSTR *pBinaryPassword

Property value

The new password part, in binary encoded format.

Error codes

Returns S_OK if successful. Returns E_NOTIMPL if called on a platform that does not support it.


To set a password in binary encoded format, you must set both the BinaryPassword and BinarySalt properties.

A binary encoded password consists of a binary password and a binary salt value that are encoded to provide a level of obscurity. Binary encoded passwords do not appear in human-readable format and can be used only by the same user, and on the same machine where the password was encrypted. However, binary encoded passwords should not be considered safely encrypted.

You can only set the BinaryPassword property when the Remote Desktop ActiveX control is not in the connected state. This method returns E_FAIL if called when the control is connected. To check for the connected state, retrieve the IMsTscAx::Connected property.

To enable automatic logon, you must also set the UserName, Domain, and BinarySalt properties. If the password fails to authenticate the user, the Windows Logon dialog box is displayed at the server to prompt the user for the password.

For more information about Remote Desktop Web Connection, see Requirements for Remote Desktop Web Connection.


Minimum supported client

Windows XP

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2003

End of client support

Windows XP with SP1

End of server support

Windows Server 2003

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IID_IMsTscNonScriptable is defined as c1e6743a-41c1-4a74-832a-0dd06c1c7a0e

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