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System.Xml... the core XML manipulation technology for .NET languages .

Overview of System.Xml


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NOTE: This section covers working with XML using System.Xml. See this section for working with XML using MSXML.

System.Xml Highlights

Converting from XmlDocument to XDocument
Converting from XmlDocument to XDocument has a number of benefits, including the ability to use LINQ to XML, use a much cleaner object model, get better name handling with XName and being able to use functional constructors. However, there are a lot of XmlDocuments out there, so what is the best way to convert a XmlDocument to an XDocument?

Frequently Asked Questions on XML in .NET - Part 1
As part of a separate task, the XML team came up with a list of frequently encountered issues in System.XML; mainly points that we felt were interesting because they were the source of a lot of difficulty for our users.

Frequently Asked Questions on XML in .NET - Part 2
This is the next post in our ongoing FAQ series.

Team Blog Posts

Developing with System.Xml

Xslt 1.0 biggest issues (kind of) solved
Xslt 1.0 has a number of issues that can make the life of an Xml developer frustrating. A lot of the... mais
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The world has moved on, have you? Xml APIs you should avoid using.
There is a few Xml APIs you should not be using. In some cases the complier makes this obvious – the... mais
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Effective Xml Part 5: Something went really wrong – OutOfMemoryException and StackOverflowException thrown when using XslCompiledTransform
So, your application is crashing and it is crashing in the bad way. After spending hours of debuggin... mais
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Effective Xml Part 4: Let me project this (Xml file) for you
Xml is ubiquitous. No doubt about it. It is being used almost everywhere and almost by everyone. Thi... mais
segunda-feira, set 26 XmlTeam


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