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Developer Guidance

Updated: April 4, 2014

If you are programming in the Windows Azure environment or trying to manage your services programmatically, you’ll probably need some guidance.


Guidance Description

Developer Notes for Windows Azure in China Applications

These notes summarize the differences developers need to be aware of between the global Windows Azure service and Windows Azure in China.

Java Developer Guidance

Guidance for Java developers who are working on the Windows Azure platform.

Troubleshooting Best Practices for Developing Azure Applications

Learn about the different troubleshooting challenges and recommended approaches to design so you can develop more supportable applications for the Azure platform. Proper planning can help you to find and correct problems without having to contact Microsoft for support. The approach described can also shorten problem resolution if you do have to contact Microsoft support.

Azure Developer References

List of REST API, client and native reference, and schema references for Azure services and service management.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability for Azure Applications

Overview of the architecture, design, and planning that are involved in creating highly available Windows Azure applications. This includes planning for disaster recovery due to unexpected failures.

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