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Data access in Azure Mobile Services

Updated: August 19, 2014

The topics in this section provide information about accessing and changing app data stored in Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. This same content is available as help in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal. For more general information about Mobile Services and examples of how to use Mobile Services in your apps, see Mobile Services Tutorials and Resources.


Topic Description

Work with data

Describes how to use Mobile Services to store app data.

Create a table

Describes how to create a new table in the Management Portal.


Describes table operation access permission levels.

Dynamic schema

Describes considerations for using dynamic schema for tables.

Browse records

Describes how to browse data in the Management Portal.

Delete data

Describes considerations for deleting data from a table.

Manage columns

Describes options for managing columns in a table.

System columns

Describes the system columns added to tables by Mobile Services.

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