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DROP TRIGGER (Azure SQL Database)

This topic is OBSOLETE. You can find the most current version in the SQL 14 Transact-SQL Reference.

This topic is not maintained. For the current version, see DROP TRIGGER.

Removes one or more data manipulation language (DML) or data definition language (DDL) triggers from the current database.

Syntax Conventions (Azure SQL Database)

Trigger on an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement to a table or view (DML Trigger)
DROP TRIGGER [schema_name.]trigger_name [ ,...n ] [ ; ]

Trigger on a CREATE, ALTER, DROP, GRANT, DENY, REVOKE or UPDATE statement (DDL Trigger)
DROP TRIGGER trigger_name [ ,...n ] 
[ ; ]

This syntax diagram demonstrates the supported arguments and options in Microsoft Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database does not support the following arguments and options when using the DROP TRIGGER statement:

  • ALL SERVER option for DDL Triggers

  • Logon Triggers

For more information about the arguments and the DROP TRIGGER statement, see DROP TRIGGER in SQL Server Books Online.


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