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Back up DPM workloads to Azure

Updated: October 28, 2014

System Center DPM backs up workload and file data. Data backed up to DPM can be stored on tape, on disk, or backed up to Azure with Windows Azure Backup. You can back up DPM data as follows:

  • DPM deployed as physical server or on-premises virtual machine—If you deploy DPM as a physical server or as an on-premises virtual machine in Hyper-V you can select to back up data with Azure Backup in addition to backing data up to disk for short-term storage.

  • DPM deployed as Azure virtual machine—From System Center 2012 R2 with Update 3 DPM can be deployed as an Azure virtual machine. In this deployment you can back up data to Azure disks attached to the DPM Azure virtual machine, or you can offload data storage by backing it up with Azure Backup.

Why backup to Microsoft Azure in addition to physical or Azure disks?

  • For on-premises DPM deployment, Azure Backup allows you to store short-term backups off site as well as on on-site disks.

  • For DPM deployments in Azure, Azure Backup allows you to offload storage form the Azure disk, allowing you to scale up by storing older data in Azure Backup and new data on disk.

For detailed deployment steps, see Configure Azure Storagein the DPM library on TechNet.

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