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TPM OM API: What to do Where?

Updated: November 21, 2013

The TPM OM API enables users to write applications to create and manage the entities required in business-to-business messaging. While the object model aims to have complete parity with the operations available through the portal, there are some tasks that still need to be done outside the use of the object model. This topic provides information on the tasks that can be performed using the object model, the tasks that can be performed using the PowerShell CmdLets - Windows Azure BizTalk Services, and the tasks that can be performed using the BizTalk Services Portal.


  Using the Object Model Using the PowerShell Cmdlets Using the Portal

Create Partner

--- Create Profile

--- Add Identities

--- Upload Certificate

Create X12 Agreement

--- Set Partner1, Partner2

--- Add Identities

--- Upload Schema

--- Upload Transform

--- Create Batch

--- Add Route Settings

Deploy X12 Agreement

Create AS2 Agreement

--- Set Partner1, Partner2

--- Add Route Settings

Deploy AS2 Agreements

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