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Upload a Report (Azure SQL Reporting)

Updated: May 9, 2014

SQL Reporting will discontinue service on October 31, 2014. See this FAQ for details. For reporting on Microsoft Azure, visit Virtual Machines on

If you have only a few reports that you want to make available on the SQL Reporting server, it can be easier and quicker to upload the reports instead of deploying them from an authoring tool.

Using Upload or Download in the management portal works best if the report uses embedded data sources, or the report references a shared data source that already exists on the server. By itself, upload does not automatically bind a shared data source connection to the report. To establish the connection, the report must already reference a shared data source on the system. Alternatively, you can publish the report and data source together, by deploying via a Report Server project in SQL Server Data Tools. Otherwise, the data sources do not bind to the report and the report fails when you run it.

You can only upload one report at a time to an existing location. You cannot predefine the folder structure as you would if using SQL Server Data Tools. In contrast, the deployment features in SQL Server Data Tools lets you deploy all reports, folders, and their related shared data sources in one deployment operation. For more information, see Deploy a Report Project (Azure SQL Reporting).

  • Verify permissions. You must be registered as Content Manager or Publisher to upload files to SQL Reporting.

  1. Open a Web browser, and launch the Azure Platform Management Portal by specifying the appropriate credentials. Open the SQL Reporting server.

  2. Click Items at the top of the page.

  3. If you do not want to upload the report to the root of the report server, navigate to the folder to which you want to upload the report.

  4. On the bottom of the page, click Add and then click Upload Report.

  5. Click Browse for file box to select the report that you want to upload.

  6. Select the report and click Open.

    You return to the Upload Report dialog box.

  7. Name the report. Optionally, provide a description.

    The upload process does not overwrite an existing report with the same name; instead, the upload fails. If you previously uploaded the report to the root of the report server or the same folder, you must either first delete the existing report on the server or use a different name when you upload the report.

    The report server can host multiple reports with the same names when they are in different folders.

  8. Click the checkmark to upload the report.

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