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Getting Started with the Azure CDN

Updated: March 2, 2011

This quick start guide will show you how to enable the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) and begin caching your content.


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Ensure that the required prerequisites are met. You must have a Azure subscription to use the CDN.

How to Setup an Azure Subscription

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Create a storage account or a hosted service – The CDN caches objects from content providers in the form of blobs stored in a Azure storage account, or content retrieved from your hosted service. Once you create your content provider, you must understand how the CDN interacts with it.

How to Create a Storage Account for an Azure Subscription

Building Azure Applications

Overview of the Azure CDN

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Enable CDN on your content provider – To allow the CDN to cache content you must use the Azure Management portal to assign a CDN to the content provider.

How to Enable CDN for Azure

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Access your CDN content – To retrieve the cached content you must use the CDN endpoints that are created when you enable CDN on the content provider.

Overview of the Azure CDN

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