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Developing Enterprise Applications with Azure

Updated: April 17, 2014

Azure delivers an enterprise-grade cloud platform for today’s most demanding enterprise applications. With Azure, you can build brand new applications architected for cloud scale, extend existing applications to the cloud, or provide extra cloud “burst” capacity to handle uneven or unexpected loads. For example, you can build new applications with the cloud in mind, or use Service Bus to extend existing applications through hybrid solutions across private infrastructure running in your datacenter and Azure.

In This Section

How to Integrate a BizTalk Server Application with Service Bus Queues and Topics
Shows how to integrate a BizTalk Server 2010 application with Azure Service Bus queues, topics, and subscriptions to exchange messages with external systems in a reliable, flexible, and scalable manner.

How to integrate a WCF Workflow Service with Service Bus Queues and Topics
Use the features of the Service Bus with a Windows Workflow Service.

Tutorial: Using Azure BizTalk Services to Integrate with an On-Premises SAP Server
Provides detailed instructions and sample on how to send messages from cloud applications to an on-premises SAP Server.

Tutorial: Using BizTalk Service Bridges to Lookup Data from Azure SQL Database
Provides detailed instructions and sample on how to pick a flat file message from an FTP Server, process it using EAI bridges, and insert the message into an on-premise SQL Server.

Scaling Out Microsoft Azure SQL Databases
This article discusses the two methods for implementing sharding.

Using Workflow Persistence in Azure
When creating Workflow solutions that run in Microsoft Azure, there are several options for persistence.

How to integrate BizTalk Server 2010 / 2013 with Service Bus for Windows Server
This article demonstrates how to use the WCF-Custom adapter, NetMessagingBinding, Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll, and custom endpoint behaviors to integrate a BizTalk Server 2010/2013 application with Service Bus for Windows Server.

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