ChannelPowerLevel Enumeration

July 28, 2014

The additional data associated with the PowerLevelChanged message.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Phone.Notification
Assembly:  Microsoft.Phone (in Microsoft.Phone.dll)

public enum ChannelPowerLevel
<object property="enumerationValue" .../>

Member nameDescription
NormalPowerLevelThe battery capacity is not low. All push notification types will be sent to the device.
LowPowerLevelThe battery capacity is low. Only raw notifications will be sent to the device.
CriticalLowPowerLevelThe battery capacity is critically low. No push notifications of any type will be sent to the device.


If you use this API in your app, you must specify the following capabilities in the app manifest. Otherwise, your app might not work correctly or it might exit unexpectedly.


Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone OS 7.1

For more info, see App capabilities and hardware requirements for Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone OS

Supported in: 8.1, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0

Windows Phone

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