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If you publish a Windows Phone version and a Windows version of your app, you can share a single identity between the two versions of your app in the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store. This means that a customer who has purchased the app in either Store can download the app from the other Store without paying for it again.

Sharing an app identity also means you can roam data between the Windows Phone and Windows versions of your app. For example, a user could buy durable in-app products on their Windows Phone and have their in-app products available in your app on their Windows device.

Important noteImportant Note:

If you plan to associate your Windows Phone app with a Windows Store app and your app offers in-app products, the in-app products that share the same alias in the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store must also share the same type, Consumable or Durable, for example. See In-app product properties for more info.

For more info about associating your apps, see Guidance for app management for Windows Phone and Create your app info.

Beta apps in the Windows Phone Store no longer expire, so you can keep your beta running in parallel with the real app for continued feedback from the beta community. However, you can unpublish or delete your beta app at any time, ensuring that new users cannot download the app. For more information, see Beta testing your app and in-app products.

Becoming a Windows developer just got easier—and even better! Register once, double your opportunities—for a lower, single price. With one developer account you have access to all the unique tools, information, guidance, and app publishing opportunities for Windows Phone apps and Windows Store apps.

This price is lower for registrations and renewals: $19 USD for Individual accounts, and $99 USD for Company accounts, gives you access to both the Windows Phone Dev Center and the Windows Dev Center.

Account type

Annual registration fee

What you get

Individual account


Submit apps to the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store from a single developer account

Company account


Submit apps to the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store from a single developer account

What’s new!

DreamSpark tokens for free registration and renewals. See Microsoft DreamSpark for up-to-date information.

Manage a single account. We’ve integrated developer account information, so you only have to update your information once. Both Dev Centers use that shared information.

Registration requires a credit card for validation. In addition to making your registration payment using an accepted international credit card or debit card, at time of registration we’ll charge your credit or debit card a very small amount to confirm your identity, and then the charge is reversed; there is no cost to you. This is required for each new registration, even if you register using a token for a free developer account.

New verification code, for your security. For each new device registered through your developer account, we’ll send a verification code to your Microsoft account email address or registered SMS number. Enter the code in Windows Dev Center to access your developer account dashboard.

Additional tax information required for Windows Dev Center. Windows Phone developers who are already registered need to provide additional tax information to complete the registration process.

New tokens for eligible free accounts. Tokens for free registration must be designated for Windows and Windows Phone developer accounts. Tokens can be obtained the same ways that Windows Phone Dev Center tokens were previously acquired, for example, through MSDN. Windows Phone Dev Center tokens issued before November 6, 2013 no longer work. New tokens for Windows Dev Center and Windows Phone Dev Center are 7 characters long and have this (example) format: F1QWRGW.

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