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Working with Team Foundation Source Control

Topics in this section describe how to complete common source control tasks using Team Foundation.

In This Section

Team Foundation Source Control

Provides a detailed description of Team Foundation source control.

Working with Source Control Workspaces

Provides information about workspaces used to store and manage local copies of source control files and folders.

Getting a Local Copy of Files from the Source Control Server

Provides information about getting source control files and folders for a team project that is associated with a local workspace.

Working with Source Control Files and Folders

Provides information about basic source control functionality such as checking in and out files, adding, renaming, moving and deleting files and folders, and Working with Source Control Shelvesets.

Adding Projects and Solutions to Source Control

Provides information about adding projects and solutions to Team Foundation source control.

Submitting Changes to the Source Control Server

Describes how to check in pending changes with Working with Source Control Changesets.

Branching and Merging Team Foundation Source Control

Provides information about branching and merging team projects.

Comparing Files in Source Control

Explains how to compare or diff files, folders, and Working with Source Control Shelvesets.

Resolving Conflicts (Team Foundation Source Control)

Lists topics about resolving merge, check-in, and get conflicts.


Related Sections

Team Foundation Source Control Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs that explore using source control, customizing a source control check-in, and using source control from the command line.

Administering Team Foundation Source Control

Lists topics that apply to administrators of Team Foundation source control.

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