How to: Publish task pane and content apps to an app catalog on SharePoint

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Learn how to publish task pane and content apps to an apps for Office catalog on SharePoint.

Last modified: February 27, 2014

Applies to: Access app for SharePoint | Excel 2013 | Excel 2013 RT | Excel 2013 SP1 | Excel Online | PowerPoint 2013 | PowerPoint 2013 RT | PowerPoint 2013 SP1 | PowerPoint Online | Project 2013 | Project 2013 SP1 | Word 2013 | Word 2013 RT | Word 2013 SP1

   Office.js: v1.0, v1.1

   Apps for Office manifests schema: v1.0, v1.1

Use the following steps to upload the manifest for your task pane or content app to an apps for Office catalog on SharePoint. To set up an app catalog, see How to: Set up an app catalog on SharePoint

To publish to an app catalog

  1. Browse to the app catalog.

  2. Choose the Click to add new item link.

  3. Choose Browse, and then specify the manifest to upload.

After you upload app manifests to the apps for Office catalog, users can manually configure their installations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Project using File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted App Catalogs to specify the URL of the parent SharePoint site collection of this app catalog. For example, if the URL of the apps for Office catalog is in this form:

https:// domain /sites/ AppCatalogSiteCollection /AgaveCatalog

…users should specify just the URL of the parent site collection, like this:

https:// domain /sites/ AppCatalogSiteCollection

After specifying the app catalog URL, you must close and reopen the Office application before the app catalog will be available in the Apps for Office dialog box.

Alternatively, an administrator can specify an app for Office catalog on SharePoint by using group policy as described in the Using Group Policy to manage how users can install and use apps for Office section of the "Overview of apps for Office 2013" topic in the Office 2013 Resource Kit.

After doing so, content and task pane apps in this catalog are available from the Apps for Office dialog box by choosing Apps for Office on the Insert tab, and then choosing MY ORGANIZATION as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. The Apps for Office dialog box

Insert App for Office dialog box

If an app catalog is already set up for a SharePoint web application, you can find it using the following steps.

To find an app catalog

  1. Open the SharePoint Central Administration main page.

  2. Select Apps

  3. Select Manage App Catalog.

  4. Choose the link provided, and then choose Apps for Office on the left navigation bar.

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