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Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Extended.Administration.Schema Namespace

SharePoint 2010

The Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Extended.Administration.Schema provides types and members for managing the FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint index schema.

The index schema is used to specify the managed properties that can be searched in a search index and their associated configuration parameters. For more information, see Index Schema (FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint).

Public interfaceCategoryRepresents a Category object, controls settings for crawled properties in a category, and enables querying of crawled properties within the category.
Public interfaceCategoryCollectionRepresents a crawled property category collection.
Public interfaceCrawledPropertyRepresents a crawled property in the index schema.
Public interfaceCrawledPropertyMappingRepresents a crawled property mapping as a list of crawled properties.
Public interfaceFullTextIndexRepresents a full-text index in the index schema.
Public interfaceFullTextIndexCollectionRepresents the collection of full text indexes in search schema.
Public interfaceFullTextIndexMappingRepresents a full text index mapping between a managed property and a full text index.
Public interfaceFullTextIndexMappingCollectionRepresents a full text index mapping collection.
Public interfaceFullTextIndexRankCollectionRepresents a full text index rank collection.
Public interfaceFullTextIndexRankComponentRepresents a full text index rank component.
Public interfaceManagedPropertyRepresents a managed property in the index schema.
Public interfaceManagedPropertyBoostCollectionRepresents a ManagedPropertyBoostCollection as a list of managed property boost components.
Public interfaceManagedPropertyBoostComponentRepresents a managed property boost component.
Public interfaceManagedPropertyCollectionRepresents a collection of managed properties
Public interfacePropsetMappingCollectionRepresents a property set mapping collection. This contains the list of property sets that are mapped to a crawled property category.
Public interfaceQualityComponentRepresents a quality component.
Public interfaceQualityComponentCollectionRepresents a quality component collection as a list of quality components.
Public interfaceRankProfileRepresents a rank profile. Rank profiles contains settings for tuning the relevance of the search system.
Public interfaceRankProfileCollectionRepresents a rank profile collection.
Public interfaceRefinerConfigurationRepresents the refiner configuration containing refiner settings for the managed property.
Public interfaceSchemaRepresents the index schema.

Public enumerationAnchoringSpecifies the anchoring settings for managed property refiners. Anchoring is applicable only for managed properties of type Text.
Public enumerationDateTimeResolutionTypeSpecifies the date/time resolution type.
Public enumerationDeepRefinementTypeSpecifies deep refinement types for a managed property.
Public enumerationFullTextIndexImportanceLevelSpecifies the importance level for a full text index.
Public enumerationManagedPropertySortableTypeSpecifies if a managed property should be configured for sorting.
Public enumerationManagedTypeSpecifies the data type of a managed property.
Public enumerationRefinerAlgorithmSpecifies the refiner algorithm for managed properties.
Public enumerationSummaryTypeSpecifies the summary settings for a managed property.

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