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Configure the BizTalk Group | Azure Virtual Machine

Updated: February 23, 2014

When the virtual machines are provisioned and domain objects are created, BizTalk Server is ready to be configured. This topic lists the steps to create a BizTalk Group using existing BizTalk Server and virtual machines. If you don’t have existing BizTalk Server and virtual machines, refer to Create the BizTalk Group Prerequisites | Azure Virtual Machine to create the virtual machines and other prerequisites.

When complete, you have a BizTalk Server Group hosted in Microsoft Azure. You can do everything as you would do with an on-premise BizTalk Server Group. And, in much less configuration time.

BizTalk Server can be configured using the following options:


BizTalk Configuration

This is similar to configuring an on-premise BizTalk Server. You can configure using Basic Configuration or Custom Configuration:

Basic Configuration: Used when BizTalk Server and are installed on the same computer (virtual machine) and use local groups.

Custom Configuration: Used when BizTalk Server and are installed on separate computers (virtual machine) and uses domain groups.

BizTalk Provisioning Tool

The Provisioning Tool is considered the “fast” method to configure a BizTalk Group that includes multiple BizTalk Server virtual machines. It’s a command-line tool that uses an XML input file that includes database names, BizTalk Server virtual machine names, service accounts, and other configuration information.

The topic includes the following sections:

Configure using BizTalk Configuration | Azure Virtual Machine

Configure using BizTalk Provisioning Tool | Azure Virtual Machine

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