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Outlook.com API

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This topic describes how to use the Live Connect APIs to work with an Outlook.com user's contacts and calendars.

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Connect to Outlook.com IMAP using OAuth 2.0

Authenticate users with Outlook.com IMAP (OIMAP) and OAuth 2.0.

Creating and reading contacts

Use the Live Connect APIs to create and read an Outlook.com user's contacts.

Interacting with calendars

Use the Live Connect APIs to create, read, update, and delete an Outlook.com user's calendars.

Linking to calendars

Use the Live Connect APIs to link to an Outlook.com calendar from a webpage or embed an Outlook.com calendar in a webpage.

Find people in a user's contact list

Use the Live Connect APIs to determine whether any contacts of a visiting user are also registered users of your website.




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