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EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode Enumeration

An enumeration type that specifies the modes of security that can be used with BasicHttpRelayBinding.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ServiceBus
Assembly:  Microsoft.ServiceBus (in Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll)

public enum EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode

Member nameDescription
MessageSecurity is provided using WS-Security SOAP message security. For the BasicHttpRelayBinding, the system requires that the server certificate be provided to the client separately. The valid client credential types for this binding are UserName and Certificate.
NoneMessages are not secured during transfer.
TransportSecurity is provided using HTTPS. The service must be configured with SSL certificates. The SOAP message is protected as a whole using HTTPS. The service is authenticated by the client using the service’s SSL certificate. The client authentication is controlled through the ClientCredentialType.
TransportWithMessageCredentialIntegrity, confidentiality and server authentication are provided by HTTPS. The service must be configured with a certificate. Client authentication is provided by means of SOAP message security. This mode is applicable when the user is authenticating with a UserName or Certificate credential and there is an existing HTTPS deployment for securing message transfer.

Security in this context means message protection (integrity and confidentiality) as well as client and service authentication.

Actual protection requirements (the specific parts of SOAP messages that must be signed or signed and encrypted) are controlled through attributes on the service contract or through properties in the contract description. Properties on the binding do not control what is being signed or encrypted: a binding only delivers the general capability of signing and encrypting.

The default behavior for the BasicHttpRelayBinding is Transport.

Windows Azure Service Bus supports only Full Trust code access security.

EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode is the enumeration used to set the Security on a BasicHttpRelayBinding. As such, this enumeration is often used in the creation and initialization of the BasicHttpRelayBinding, before the binding is used to connect to the Windows Azure Service Bus for both client and service applications. For more information, see Building an azure2 Service Bus Client Application and Building a Service for the azure2 Service Bus.

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