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How to: Move a Windows Azure Server between Windows Azure Subscriptions

Customers can now easily use the Windows Azure Management Portal to move Windows Azure SQL database servers and Windows Azure SQL databases between Windows Azure subscriptions. Customers typically move servers and databases in the following scenarios:

  • Customers move their SQL database servers and SQL database resources from a trial or introductory subscription to a different subscription that hosts their production services and resources.

  • When a monetary or resource usage cap has been reached for a subscription, the customer might want to move the SQL database server and SQL database resources to another subscription.

  • Customers consolidate multiple SQL database servers and SQL database resources under a single subscription.

Required Permissions

To move SQL database servers and SQL database resources between subscriptions, you must be an account administrator, service administrator, or a co-administrator for both the source and target subscriptions. For more information about permissions, see Overview of Subscription Management in the Windows Azure Platform Management Portal.

How to Use the Move Server Feature

Use the following steps to move a SQL database server and SQL database resources from one Windows Azure subscription to another:

  1. Once you log in to the Windows Azure Management Portal and navigate to the SQL Databases work space, you will see a Move Server button in the Server Information pane if you have multiple subscriptions.

  2. Click a server name in the tree view to select it. You will see the Server Information displayed in the work space to the right. To begin the move server operation, click Move Server….

  3. On the Move Server dialog, use the drop-down selector to specify the target subscription for the server, and then click OK.

  4. When the portal refreshes, you will see the SQL database server you moved now listed under the target subscription.

Note that moving a SQL database server does not involve a physical move of your server or SQL databases. A SQL database “server” is a logical server that contains your databases, and there are multiple replicas for high availability. The SQL database server and the SQL databases continue to be hosted within the same region/data center, and applications that use the databases on the moved server continue to operate as normal since connection information remains the same. The move only changes the association of the SQL database server from one subscription to another. Be aware of the impact to your bill, as different subscriptions may be billed based on different offers that they are associated with.

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