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Media Services

Updated: September 19, 2014

The topics in this section provide information about developing applications with Microsoft Azure Media Services. Media Services form an extensible cloud-based platform that enables developers to build scalable media management and delivery applications. This topic provides a content map to available Media Services content on MSDN and other related sites.

For information about pricing, see Media Services Pricing Details.

For information on recent changes between releases, see Media Services Release Notes

To interact with the Media Services team, and learn more about current and upcoming releases, see the Media Services Forum and Media Services Status on Twitter.

Getting Started with Media Services

Topics in this section help with first-time tasks for Media Services developers. You can learn how to set up your Azure account for Microsoft Azure Media Services, how to configure Visual Studio for development, and how to accomplish basic programming tasks.


Topic Description

Azure Media Services Overview

Gives a brief technical and architectural introduction to Media Services.

How to Use Azure Media Services

Describes how to set up Media Services on an Azure account, and then shows a number of common developer tasks that help you start programming with Media Services.

Quickstart: Using the Media Services .NET SDK

A tutorial for first-time Media Services developers showing how to do simple programming tasks at each stage of development: ingest an asset, manage an asset, encode an asset, and then deliver (download) the output asset from the encoding job.

Media Services Development

Topics in the following sections are for Media Services developers. Topics in these sections show you how to develop with the Media Services Client SDK for .NET and the Media Services REST API.

If you prefer to develop with Java, Node.js, or PHP, check out the following SDKs:


Topic Description

Azure SDK for Java

Media Services support is available to Java developers. Download and install Azure SDK for Java, which includes the Media Services libraries.

Azure Media Services for Node.js

If you prefer to develop with Node.js, see Azure Media Services for Node.js.


Media Services support is available to PHP developers through the latest release of the Microsoft Azure PHP SDK. For more information, see the Open Source PHP SDK for Azure blog.


Topics in this section provide references to support Media Services development.


Topic Description

Supported File Types for Media Services

Describes supported file types (codecs, input, and output files) for Media Services.

Media Services SDK Class Library for .NET

The managed reference documentation for the Media Services SDK for .NET.

Azure Media Services REST API Reference

Documentation for REST API programmers. Describes the entities and the URLs that you use to program Media Services.

Task Presets for Azure Media Services

Provides a set of configuration file templates that you use to create programmatic tasks when you develop Media Services applications.

Community, Feedback, and Support

This section provides links to the Media Services forum, support links, and blogs that are a good source of information about Media Services development.


Topic Description

Media Services Forum

A public forum for Media Services developers. A great place to find out the latest news about Media Services and also to provide feedback to the product team.

Azure Support

Provides support options for Azure, including Media Services.

Media Services Status on Twitter

Indicates availability and status of the Media Services deployment.

Microsoft blogs:

Scott Guthrie

John Deutscher

Nick Drouin

Vishal Sood

Sam Zhang

Blogs by Microsoft developers and team members that discuss Media Services.

Related Sites

This section provides links to related sites and technologies.


Topic Description

Open source site for OData, which is a web protocol for querying and updating data.

IIS Media

Documentation and resource site for Microsoft IIS Media, which is used to deliver content from Media Services applications.


The primary Azure portal.

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4

Documentation for Microsoft Expression Encoder, which you can use for encoding media assets in Media Services. You can also use the Azure Media Encoder, which is an included server-based encoder that you can access from a Media Services application.

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