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Configure an FTP Source

Updated: November 21, 2013

Lists the steps to add an SFTP Source in the Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services project.

You can explicitly start or stop the FTP source (which controls polling of the FTP location) without requiring the configuration of the bridge to be changed.

  1. Create a BizTalk Service project, as described in Create a BizTalk Service Project.

  2. Right-click anywhere on the BizTalk Service project design surface, select Properties. For the BizTalk Service URL property, enter your BizTalk Services URL.

  3. From the Toolbox, drag and drop the FTP Source component to the BizTalk Service project design surface.

  4. Right-click the component and select Properties. The following table provides information about the properties:


    Property Description

    Content Encoding

    Specify the character encoding of the message. Default is UTF8. Options include:

    • UTF8

    • UTF16

    • UTF16BE

    • ASCII

    Content Type

    Specify Text or XML as the message file type. Default is Text.

    Entity Name

    Specify a unique and descriptive name of the FTP Source component.

    File Mask

    Specify a File Mask to filter the messages pulled from the FTP server. For example, if you want to pull all XML messages, enter *.xml.

    Folder Path

    Specify the folder on the FTP server that contains the messages to retrieve. For example, if you want to pull all XML messages in the CustomerFiles\Contoso FTP folder, enter CustomerFiles\Contoso.

    FTP Transfer Mode

    Specify Binary or ASCII as the Transfer Mode. Default is Binary. For example, if the messages only contain text-type of data, select ASCII. If the messages contain any type of data, select Binary.

    Initial Status

    Specify Stop or Start for the FTP Source. Default is Start. For example, if you want the FTP Source component to be started when the BizTalk Service project is deployed, select Start.

    If you set the initial status to stop, you can later start the source using the PowerShell cmdlet. For more information, see Start-AzureBizTalkBridgeSource.


    Enter the username password that can retrieve files from the FTP server.

    Server Address

    Enter the FTP server name or IP address.

    Server Port

    Enter the FTP server port. Default is 21 and is typically used for FTP.

    Use SSL

    Select True if the connection to the FTP server must use SSL.


    Enter the username that can retrieve files from the FTP server.

  5. From the File menu, click Save

The FTP Source component can be used as the source to an XML One-Way Bridge or a Pass-Through Bridge. An FTP Source component cannot be used a source for XML Request-Reply Bridge. Configure Bridges provides details on how to configure these bridges. After you have added a bridge and the FTP Source component to the design surface, select Connector from the Toolbox and connect the FTP Source to the bridge.

A bridge deployed in BizTalk Services can only receive messages from an FTP server hosted in a public domain.

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