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XML Request-Reply Bridge : Configuring the Enrich Stage (post-Transform) for the Request Message

Updated: November 21, 2013

Configuring the Enrich stage after a transform stage is identical to configuring an Enrich stage before a transform stage. For instructions on how to configure an Enrich stage before transform, see XML One-Way Bridge : Configuring the Enrich Stage for the Request Message. The only thing to consider while configuring a post-transform Enrich stage is that the properties you defined in the pre-transform Enrich stage will also be available in the post-transform Enrich stage. So, if you want to preserve those properties, you must ensure that you do not create properties with the same name, in which case the new property definition would overwrite the old property definition.

The post-transform Enrich stage also provides two properties, the On Enter Inspector and On Exit Inspector. These properties are used to include custom code as part of the bridge processing. For more information on how to specify values for these properties, see How to Include Custom Code in Bridges.

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