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Create EDI agreement and manage artifacts in the BizTalk Services portal

Updated: October 1, 2014

Microsoft Azure has a Azure Management Portal to create services, websites, databases, and so on. BizTalk Services has its own portal. The BizTalk Services portal allows users to:

Register your BizTalk Services deployment

Using the Azure Management Portal, you create a BizTalk Service. When the BizTalk Service is created, you “register” your deployment in the BizTalk Services portal. The BizTalk Services portal provides an easy and convenient user interface for all your BizTalk Services applications.

Create and manage business-to-business (B2B) operations

Using the BizTalk Services Portal, customers can easily manage and onboard trading partners for business-to-business messaging. With the BizTalk Services Portal, customers are able to cut down the on-boarding time from weeks to days. Customers can also leverage Microsoft hosted B2B pipelines as services to exchange B2B documents and run them at scale for customers. This minimizes overhead in managing B2B pipelines and their corresponding scale issues with dedicated servers. For more information on how to manage B2B operations using the BizTalk Services Portal, see EDI, AS2, and EDIFACT Messaging.

Manage artifacts uploaded to the BizTalk Services subscription

Using the BizTalk Services Portal, customers can perform management operations such as track messages, search and upload artifacts (schemas, transforms, assemblies, certificates), manage bridges, and so on.

This section provides instructions on how to perform these tasks using the BizTalk Services Portal.

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