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PowerShell CmdLets - Azure BizTalk Services

Updated: November 21, 2013

This section lists the PowerShell cmdlets for management operations on BizTalk Services. BizTalk Services also provides PowerShell cmdlets for managing BizTalk Adapter Service. See PowerShell Cmdlets in BizTalk Adapter Service for more information.

Install the PowerShell Cmdlets

Perform the following steps to install the PowerShell cmdlets.

  1. Install the Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services SDK. See Install Azure BizTalk Services SDK for instructions.

  2. Open the PowerShell window with administrator privileges.

  3. Run import-module to import the BizTalk Services module to the current session.

    import-module "C:\Program Files\Windows Azure BizTalk Services Tools\Microsoft.BizTalk.Services.Powershell.dll"
    When using import-module, modules exist only when the PowerShell command window is open; which is the current PowerShell session. When the PowerShell command window is closed, the session is closed and the module is removed.

    If you used these PowerShell cmdlets in the Preview release of the Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services SDK to build PowerShell scripts, you must update those to include the right import path.

Sample PowerShell Cmdlets

You can download Azure BizTalk Service Management Sample that demonstrates how to use the PowerShell cmdlets. It also demonstrates use of some sample cmdlets that can be used for backing up and restoring BizTalk Services, retrieving BizTalk Services properties, and syncing ACS keys.

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