Writing a WDTF SimpleIO plug-in for your device

To get the most benefit from the Device Fundamental tests, your device should have a Simple I/O plug-in that can perform simple I/O to your device. This can be one of the default Simple I/O plugs that come with WDTF or one that you wrote. To see if your device type is supported and to determine if there are specific requirements for testing, refer to Provided WDTF Simple I/O plug-ins.

If you have configured a test computer for testing using Visual Studio, you can run a test that returns a list of devices on the test computer that have WDTF Simple I/O support. If your device is not supported, you can create one in Visual Studio using the WDTF Simple I/O Action Plug-in template. For information, see How to customize I/O for your device using the WDTF Simple I/O Action Plug-in. For information about setting up a test computer, see Configuring a Computer for Driver Deployment, Testing, and Debugging.

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