Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators Namespace


メモ  この機能は、モバイル ネットワーク オペレーターによってアクセス特権を与えられたモバイル オペレーターのアプリケーションと Windows ストア アプリにおいてのみ使用可能です。詳細については、「モバイル ブロードバンド: Windows ストア デバイス アプリ」を参照してください。


Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators名前空間 には次の種類のメンバーがあります。


Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators名前空間 にはこれらのクラスがあります。

HotspotAuthenticationContext Provides the authentication context that contains details of the current authentication attempt and provides methods to perform the authentication.
HotspotAuthenticationEventDetails Provides the content of the event that is raised for background task handlers for the hotspot authentication event.
HotspotCredentialsAuthenticationResult Represents the results of a Hotspot authentication request.
MobileBroadbandAccount Represents a mobile broadband account and related information about the network provider for the account.
MobileBroadbandAccountEventArgs Provides information for the AccountAdded and AccountRemoved events.
MobileBroadbandAccountUpdatedEventArgs Provides information for the AccountUpdated event.
MobileBroadbandAccountWatcher Provides information regarding availability of and updates to Mobile Broadband Accounts.
MobileBroadbandDeviceInformation Represents the current state of the mobile broadband network device for the account.
MobileBroadbandNetwork Represents a mobile broadband network and the current network state.
NetworkOperatorNotificationEventDetails Provides details for a network operator notification.
NetworkOperatorTetheringAccessPointConfiguration Provides the ability to configure and create a NetworkOperatorTetheringAccessPointConfiguration object that contains a specific network account ID (SSID) and specifies the passphrase used to authenticate clients trying to establish a network connection to the tethering network.
NetworkOperatorTetheringManager This interface exposes the methods and properties used to control and configure tethering capabilities for a specific network account.
NetworkOperatorTetheringOperationResult Represents the results of a StartTetheringAsync or StopTetheringAsync operation. In addition to the TetheringOperationStatus value, it can include an optional error message string that provides mobile operator specific context to the error.
ProvisionedProfile Updates cost and usage information for a mobile broadband profile.
ProvisionFromXmlDocumentResults The results object returned to the application when the provisioning operation has completed.
ProvisioningAgent Represents an agent that provisions connectivity and subscription information with a network provider.
UssdMessage Represents a USSD message that is used for sending messages to and receiving messages from the network.
UssdReply Represents the network response after sending a USSD message.
UssdSession Represents a session of the USSD network protocol.



Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators名前空間 には以下の列挙体があります。

DataClasses Describes the cellular data services supported by a mobile broadband network device.
HotspotAuthenticationResponseCode Defines values used to indicate status of connection authentication with a mobile hotspot. Provides the response code from the WISPr server for an authentication attempt.
MobileBroadbandAccountWatcherStatus Describes different states of a MobileBroadbandAccountWatcherStatus object.
MobileBroadbandDeviceType Describes different types of Mobile Broadband devices.
MobileBroadbandRadioState Describes radio states for a Mobile Broadband device.
NetworkDeviceStatus Describes the readiness of a device to connect to a wireless network.
NetworkOperatorEventMessageType Describes the type of a network operator notification message.
NetworkRegistrationState Describes the network registration state of a mobile broadband device.
ProfileMediaType Describes network types for provisioned network connectivity profiles.
TetheringCapability Defines values that can be returned after calling getTetheringCapability to indicate the tethering capabilities of a network account.
TetheringOperationalState Defines values used by the TetheringOperationalState property to indicate the operational state of a device's tethering capabilities.
TetheringOperationStatus Defines the values returned with a NetworkOperatorTetheringOperationResult object to indicate the status of a tethering operation.
UssdResultCode Describes the USSD response codes for messages sent to the network.



Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators名前空間 にはこれらの構造体があります。

ProfileUsage Used to update the usage of plan data.




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