Windows.Devices.Sms Namespace

保存されたショート メッセージ サービス (SMS) メッセージに加えて、モバイル ブロードバンド SMS デバイスおよびそのメッセージ ストアについてのクエリのプロパティを、送受信、削除、および取得する機能を提供します。

メモ  この機能は、モバイル ネットワーク オペレーター、モバイル ブロードバンド アダプター IHV、または OEM によってアクセス特権を与えられたモバイル オペレーターのアプリケーションと Windows ストア アプリにおいてのみ使用可能です。詳細については、「モバイル ブロードバンド: Windows ストア デバイス アプリ」を参照してください。


Windows.Devices.Sms名前空間 には次の種類のメンバーがあります。


Windows.Devices.Sms名前空間 にはこれらのクラスがあります。

DeleteSmsMessageOperation Enables start, track, and end an asynchronous message delete operation for a single message.
DeleteSmsMessagesOperation Enables start, track, and end asynchronous SMS message delete operations for multiple messages.
GetSmsDeviceOperation Retrieves an SmsDevice object asynchronously.
GetSmsMessageOperation Supports the retrieval of a message from the SMS message store.
GetSmsMessagesOperation Supports the retrieval of messages.
SendSmsMessageOperation Enables the sending of a message.
SmsBinaryMessage Represents an SMS message in raw PDU format. The data format differs depending on whether the message format (indicated by the value of the Format property) is GSM or CDMA.
SmsDevice Supports the operation of a mobile broadband SMS device.
SmsDeviceMessageStore Provides access to the messages stored on an SMS Device and information about the message store.
SmsMessageReceivedEventArgs Provides data for ISmsBinaryMessage event handlers.
SmsReceivedEventDetails Presents the details of SMS message events to the background work item that handles messages while your app is suspended.
SmsTextMessage Manages a decoded SMS text message, providing direct access to the plain text body of the message, as well as key header properties, such as time stamp.



Windows.Devices.Sms名前空間 にはこれらのデリゲートがあります。

SmsDeviceStatusChangedEventHandler This handler is called when the status on the SMS device changes. Callers should implement this when they want to be notified when a significant state change occurs on the device. For example, the caller might want to know when the device is ready to send and receive messages.
SmsMessageReceivedEventHandler This event handler is called when a new binary message is received. Callers should implement this when they want to handle new binary messages from a given SMS device.



Windows.Devices.Sms名前空間 には以下の列挙体があります。

CellularClass This enumerated type defines the type of cellular device.
SmsDataFormat This enumerated type identifies the format of a given protocol description unit (PDU) buffer.
SmsDeviceStatus Contains values that indicate the readiness of an SMS device to engage in cellular network traffic operations.
SmsEncoding This enumerated type is used to determine the encoding algorithm to send or calculate the length of an SmsTextMessage object.
SmsMessageClass This enumerated type specifies the message class of a message. The message class typically originates on the network, not the mobile device.
SmsMessageFilter This enumerated type specifies which messages in the device message store an operation is performed on.
SmsMessageType This enumerated type defines whether the SMS message is encoded in binary or text format.



Windows.Devices.Sms名前空間 はこれらのインターフェイスを定義します。

ISmsBinaryMessage This interface provides access to the raw binary format of an SMS message. The message is stored in the industry standard protocol description unit (PDU) format (see the SMS specification GSM 03.40).
ISmsDevice This interface controls a mobile broadband SMS device. It is the primary entry point to SMS services on the device.
ISmsMessage This interface is implemented by all types of SMS messages that are supported.
ISmsTextMessage This interface manipulates a decoded SMS text message. It provides direct access to the plain text body of the message, as well as key header properties, such as time stamp.



Windows.Devices.Sms名前空間 にはこれらの構造体があります。

SmsEncodedLength This structure represents information about the length of an SmsTextMessage object when it is encoded as a PDU.




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