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REST API Reference: Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

Throughout this topic, all examples that specify where a Service Bus entity is deployed use the URL https://{serviceNamespace} However, this URL will be relevant only when Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs goes live in Production. For now, because Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs is in CTP, the URL for all deployments on the Service Bus will be https://{servicenamespace}

The Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs offers a REST API for management (AtomPub) operations on the bridge configurations and the artifacts (schemas and transforms) that are deployed on the Service Bus. By using REST, you can write applications in any language that supports HTTP requests. This topic is a reference for the Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs APIs over the REST protocol and contains the following sections:

Addressing and Management Protocol

A service namespace is a hierarchical namespace under which an entity can be created and mapped to any arbitrary depth of names at leaf node. It is considered the base address of all entities and features created under this service namespace. In the syntax below, the section https://{serviceNamespace} is considered the namespace address.


You can specify the bridgeconfiguration at any depth. For example, /test, /test/test2, or /test/test2/test3. Note that the maximum length of an entity name is 290 characters.

In addition to the bridge definition, the bridge configuration also contains the artifacts (schemas and transforms) as well as FTP sources (from where the bridge can consume a message). You can use REST APIs to manage the artifacts (schemas and transforms) and the FTP sources that are used by bridges.

  • For managing the artifacts, the REST API syntax looks like the following:

    where the possible values for resourceCollection can be XMLSCHEMA DEFINITION or TRANSFORM DEFINITION.

  • For managing the FTP sources, the REST API syntax looks like the following:


These REST APIs are discussed in detail in various topics of this section.

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