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System.Windows.Documents.Serialization, espace de noms

Provides classes that support the creation and use of run-time accessible plug-in serializers which read and write documents in different data formats.

Plug-in serializers can only be used with full trust applications.

When called by the application the plug-in serializer runs in the same thread as the application and can only access elements created within the application thread. When designing a custom plug-in serializer it is important to properly handle all possible error conditions. A failure within a plug-in serializer can cause an application to fail.

For System.Windows.Documents.Serialization related example programs, see the following topics:

Classe publiqueSerializerDescriptorProvides information about installed plug-in serializers. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueSerializerProviderManages serialization plug-ins created, using ISerializerFactory and SerializerDescriptor, by manufacturers who have their own proprietary serialization formats. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueSerializerWriterDefines the abstract methods that are required to implement a plug-in document output serializer.
Classe publiqueSerializerWriterCollatorDefines the abstract methods required to implement a plug-in document serialization Visual collator.
Classe publiqueWritingCancelledEventArgsProvides data for the WritingCancelled event.
Classe publiqueWritingCompletedEventArgsProvides data for the WritingCompleted event.
Classe publiqueWritingPrintTicketRequiredEventArgsProvides data for the WritingPrintTicketRequired event.
Classe publiqueWritingProgressChangedEventArgsProvides data for the WritingProgressChanged event.
Interface publiqueISerializerFactoryProvides a means for creating a software component that can serialize any part of a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application's content to a manufacturer's proprietary format.
Délégué publicWritingCancelledEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles the WritingCancelled event.
Délégué publicWritingCompletedEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles the WritingCompleted event of the XpsDocumentWriter class.
Délégué publicWritingPrintTicketRequiredEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the WritingPrintTicketRequired event of an XpsDocumentWriter.
Délégué publicWritingProgressChangedEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles the WritingProgressChanged event of an XpsDocumentWriter.
Énumération publiqueWritingProgressChangeLevelSpecifies the scope of a WritingProgressChanged event.
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