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Propriété Parameters

Définit la valeur d’une expression de filtre.

Espace de noms :  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging
Assembly :  Microsoft.ServiceBus (en Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll)

public IDictionary<string, Object> Parameters { get; }

Valeur de propriété

Type : System.Collections.Generic..::..IDictionary<(Of <(<'String, Object>)>)>
Valeur d’une expression de filtre.

You can use the Parameters property to define a parameterized expression that indirectly sets the value of a filter expression, rather than specifying the value as part of the filter expression itself. This is very similar to parameterized SQL.

A benefit to using parameterized filter expressions is that you do not have to escape the string as part of the filter expression grammar. This makes it easier, for example, to construct the filter expression based on user input. Additionally, the parameter enables you to use constant literals that are not part of the grammar, such as DateTime, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, Guid, and so on, since they can now appear directly as part of the Parameters property.

A valid parameter name always starts with the @ symbol, and the first character must be any Unicode character that is categorized as a Unicode letter. The second and subsequent characters can be any Unicode character that is categorized as a Unicode letter or a Unicode digit.

The following filter is identical to “MyProperty = 'SomeString'” but uses a parameter instead.

Filter filter = new SqlFilter("MyProperty = @myProperty")
    Parameters =
        { "@myProperty", "SomeString" },

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