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Creates a configuration for a hosted service, which you can use to deploy your Node.js service to Windows Azure.


New-AzureService [-Name] <string>

Detailed Description

Run New-AzureService to create a configuration for a hosted service. This cmdlet creates a service subdirectory on your local computer, adds service configuration files in the service directory, and changes the focus of the Windows PowerShell command prompt to the new service directory.

After you create the service, you can run Add-AzureNodeWebRole or Add-AzureNodeWorkerRole from the service directory to configure a web role or worker role for the service.



Parameter Description

[-Name] <string>

Specifies the service name. When you deploy your service (using Publish-AzureService), the service name must be unique within Windows Azure.

The service name is used for the service directory, which contains the service configuration files and application files. If a storage account is created for the service, the storage account also has the service name.

The service name also is used in the friendly URL for accessing the service in the Windows Azure production environment: <ServiceName>.cloudapp.net.

The service name is not validated for uniqueness within Windows Azure until you publish the service (using Publish-AzureService). At that point, you can provide a different service name if needed. The service directory name will remain the same, but the service will be known in Windows Azure by the new name. The storage account name, if a new one is created during deployment, and the production URL will use the service name that is provided by Publish-AzureService.


Create a new hosted service named MyService:

PS C:\node> New-AzureService MyService

Service has been created at C:\node\MyService

PS C:\node\MyService>
To see the configuration files that were created, view a directory listing (type ls). To view the contents of a configuration file, type: notepad <filename> to open the file in Notepad.

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