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Create an AS2 Agreement in Azure BizTalk Services

Mis à jour: novembre 2013

An agreement is defined as a definitive and binding contract between two trading partners for transacting messages over a specific B2B Protocol.

AS2 non-EDI messaging

AS2 messages can be sent to a non-EDI destination or received from a non-EDI destination. This functionality is built into AS2 so you don’t have to worry about the transport protocol. You can use EDIFACT or other protocols that are not included with BizTalk Server or BizTalk Services. For example, you receive a non-EDI message from a supplier over AS2. You process the XML data and then transform the message to UBL documents.

Non-EDI messaging is enabled in the Projet de service BizTalk or in the Portail de services BizTalk. To use non-EDI messaging in the Projet de service BizTalk, use any of the following tools in the Toolbox:

  • Pont unidirectionnel XML

  • Pont demande-réponse XML

  • Two-Way External Service Endpoint

  • Two-Way Relay Endpoint

Recommendation: Configure non-EDI messaging in the Portail de services BizTalk. Using the Portail de services BizTalk, an existing AS2 agreement can be extended and you can create an AS2 template to reuse the settings.

AS2 Non-Repudiation of Receipt (NRR)

AS2 includes Non-Repudiation of Receipt (NRR) support. Non-Repudiation provides proof that a message is valid and authentic. If the message validity is ever questioned, its validity can be proven and possibly legally binding.

For example, you and Contoso agree to non-repudiation. You send an AS2 message to Contoso to purchase widgets. Then, you deny sending the message to purchase the widgets from Contoso. With non-repudiation enabled, Contoso can retrieve the message to confirm that you agreed to purchase the widgets.

Non-Repudiation of Receipt (NRR) is enabled in the Portail de services BizTalk and is used for EDI and non-EDI messages.

The topics in this section list the steps to create an AS2 agreement, including Non-Repudiation and non-EDI destinations.

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