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Configure Rich Messaging Endpoints on Azure

Mis à jour: novembre 2013

The topic Rich Messaging Endpoints discusses how such endpoints provide the ability to connect to disparate LOB applications and the ability to validate, transform, and extract properties from a message. The topic Tools for Creating Message Schemas provides information on the Projet de service BizTalk design surface that can be used to configure such endpoints.

An end-to-end message processing entity may contain a message source (for receiving the message), message processing unit (such as a bridge), and finally a message destination (where the message is routed). So, configuring a rich messaging endpoint might include configuring all these three components. This section provides the procedural information on how to configure all these components using the Projet de service BizTalk.

Even though Transforms are a part of rich messaging endpoints, they can either be configured as part of the Projet de service BizTalk or created separately and then added to the message flow.

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