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How to: Create and Display a PrintDialog

This example shows how to create and display a simple PrintDialog box.


The following example shows how to create and display a simple instance of PrintDialog by using Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) and code. For the complete sample, see PrintDialog Sample.

<Button Width="200" Click="InvokePrint">Invoke PrintDialog</Button>


public void InvokePrint(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        // Create the print dialog object and set options
        PrintDialog pDialog = new PrintDialog();
        pDialog.PageRangeSelection = PageRangeSelection.AllPages;
        pDialog.UserPageRangeEnabled = true;

        // Display the dialog. This returns true if the user presses the Print button.
        Nullable<Boolean> print = pDialog.ShowDialog();
        if (print == true)
            XpsDocument xpsDocument = new XpsDocument("C:\\FixedDocumentSequence.xps", FileAccess.ReadWrite);
            FixedDocumentSequence fixedDocSeq = xpsDocument.GetFixedDocumentSequence();
            pDialog.PrintDocument(fixedDocSeq.DocumentPaginator, "Test print job");

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