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XSLT Support

Actualizado: noviembre de 2013


XSLT continues to become a standard technology when creating Transformacións. Servicios de BizTalk includes XSLT support, including existing XSLT Transformacións.

To add XSLT:

  1. In the Servicios de BizTalk or BizTalk Service Artifacts project in Visual Studio, open a Transformación (.trfm) file.

  2. Click the Transformación design surface.

  3. In Properties, click XSLT, and click the ellipses (…). A Configure XSLT dialog window is opened.

  4. To import an existing XSLT file, click Import XSLT. Browse to the .xslt or .xsl file and click Open. The imported XSLT populates the Configure XSLT dialog window.

    OR, enter the XSLT syntax in the Specify the XSLT below … window.

  5. Optional. To import an existing XML extension file, click Import EXTXML. Browse to the XML file and click Open. The imported XML populates the Specify the extension objects … dialog window.

    OR, enter the XML syntax in the Specify the extension objects … window.

  6. Optional. Click Use XslCompiledTransform for better performance to transform XML data by compiling XSLT style sheets and executing XSLT Transformacións. When the style sheet is compiled, it can be cached and reused. Otherwise, the XslTransform class is used; which is best when executing a Transformación on one occurrence.

  7. Click OK.

When XSLT is used, the Transformación design surface is grayed out. XSLT can be specified for every Transformación file (.trfm).


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