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Trading Partner Management Object Model: REST Endpoint

Actualizado: septiembre de 2014

After you have provisioned your Servicios de BizTalk environment using the instructions provided at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=299821, you will have a deployment URL for your environment. You can use that URL to arrive at the REST endpoint used for the TPM OM APIs.

TPM OM API uses the $metadata operation to make the entities discoverable. The URI to retrieve the metadata is:


Here, <base_URL> refers to the deployment URL of the Servicios de BizTalk environment. For example, if the deployment URL is https://mybiztalkservice.biztalk.windows.net, the URL to retrieve the metadata should be https://mybiztalkservice.biztalk.windows.net/default/$PartnerManagement/$metadata.

This URL allows you to retrieve all valid entity types, entity properties, associations, and so on. You can also view the metadata by hitting the endpoint in a browser.

To retrieve the metadata about TPM OM entities, you can simply hit the endpoint in a browser. However, if you want to perform any CRUD operations on the entities, you must request messages that include the required header values as well as message payload (if required).

Because the TPM OM API is based on the OData protocol, you can use the WCF Data Services to build .NET applications that perform CRUD operations on the entities. For more information on how create .NET applications using the TPM OM API, see Creación de aplicaciones .NET mediante la API de REST OM TPM.

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