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Microsoft Specific

Generates the mwait instruction.

void _mm_mwait( 
   unsigned int a, 
   unsigned int b, 

[in] a

The address of the beginning of a range.

[in] b

The address of the end of a range.





Header file <intrin.h>

The mwait instruction instructs the processor to enter a wait state in which the processor is instructed to monitor the address range between a and b and wait for an event or a store to that address range. The values of a and b are loaded into the ECX and EAX registers. For more information, see the Intel or AMD documentation as appropriate.

Note Note:

Some chips support the SSE3 intrinsics but do not support _mm_mwait and _mm_monitor.You should use __cpuid to determine whether this intrinsic is available.

This routine is available only as an intrinsic.

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