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Design, develop, and certify hardware for Windows

Windows compatible hardware development boards

Windows compatible hardware development board

Use Microsoft tools with hardware development boards to create new components and drivers that can be incorporated into a device running Windows or to kickstart the design of new Internet-enabled devices.

Build with Windows

Microsoft is ready to assist you in bringing the power of Windows to your tablets, phones and other devices – no matter which operating system is being run. Let us show you how simple it is to convert your existing designs to run Windows so that you can offer your customers the freedom to choose Windows for your devices. Write now with your company name and contact information to receive more information on how to enable Windows for your devices. This service is free and is available to you now.

Windows hardware: Develop and certify for Windows 8.1

Driver development with Visual Studio Express

The Windows Driver Kit now works with Visual Studio Express. First install Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop, and then install Windows Driver Kit 8.1 Update.

Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop

WDK 8.1 Update

Windows deployment

Windows deployment documentation is now available on the Hardware Dev Center. Access tools and information to help you customize and deploy the Windows operating system across multiple devices with scale and accuracy.

Guidance and tools

Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1 Update

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1 Update speeds up your development with better provisioning, deployment, and a unified Windows Driver Framework (WDF). Enhanced Device Driver Interfaces (DDIs) let you build better display and serial control devices. View the complete WDK documentation.

What's new for WDK 8.1

WDK and debugging tools

Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) 8.1

Improvements in the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) let you scope tests based on scenarios and distribute them across several computers, speeding up test time.

What's new for HCK 8.1

HCK downloads and tools

Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) has new assessments to help you measure the power and performance of your hardware, including Windows Store app analysis.

What's new for ADK

Get the ADK

Windows Store device apps

New capabilities for Windows Store device apps include the Device Metadata Authoring Wizard, expanded AutoPlay support, background tasks that enable device updates, and improved print functionality.

What's new for Windows Store device apps

Windows hardware: Developer videos

Install the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK)

Install the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK): See the steps for installing the Windows HCK and configuring your test environment.
Download the HCK

What is connected standby?

Learn how a user experiences a Windows PC that supports connected standby.
Intro to connected standby

WPA basics

See how to get started analyzing event traces using Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA).
Read the technical reference

WDK and VS integration

See how you can build drivers using the WDK that’s integrated into Visual Studio.
Get started

How to set up the Webcam sensor quality test

See how to verify that you’ve set up the webcam sensor test correctly.
Review the test requirements