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Tools for debugging

Windows debugger (WinDbg)

Debug user-mode apps, drivers, and the operating system itself in kernel mode, on remote or local x86-based or x64-based processors. Included in the Windows SDK.

Visual Studio debugger

Debug .NET and native C++ apps in user mode and use the edit-and-continue feature to correct simple code errors without recompiling. Included in Visual Studio.

Debugging helper tools

Get a wide variety of tools to help you debug your app—like tools for recording and logging function calls, creating and validating memory dumps, and creating and analyzing symbol stores.

Tools for performance and reliability

Application Verifier

Monitor app actions while the app runs, subject the app to a variety of stresses and tests, and generate a report about potential errors in execution or design. Included in the Windows SDK.

Windows Performance Toolkit

Get this set of performance-monitoring tools that produce in-depth performance profiles of Windows operating systems and apps. Included in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit.

Assessment Execution Engine

Manage and execute Windows system assessments to understand the state of a system and remedy problems with performance, reliability, or functionality. Included in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit.

Tools for UI and accessibility

Use these tools to automate UI testing, test the accessibility implementation of your app, and assess the implementation of your app's keyboard access. These tools are available in the Windows SDK.

Tools for streamlining testing

Visual Studio Test Professional

Integrate testing and product management tools to deliver quality across the development process. This tools supports agile portfolio management, lightweight requirements definition, and continuous customer feedback, and also provides traceability across these processes.

Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) Test Tool

Test your apps (or line-of-business apps you want to purchase) for platform app readiness and validate their compliance with certification requirements. Download

Tool help library

Provides info about currently executing apps to streamline the creation of tools, specifically debuggers. Get the current state residing in system memory, including processes, threads, modules, and heaps.

Debugging and authoring support for Windows Store apps using JavaScript

Create tools that debug Windows Store apps using JavaScript running in the app host.