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Sell your apps

Windows 8.1 offers the single largest potential market for your apps. Windows 8.1 and the Windows Store make it simple for millions of customers around the world to find, try, and buy your apps. The Windows Store makes it easy to distribute, update, and get paid for the apps that you develop. It connects you with your customers by putting customer feedback and telemetry info at your fingertips. We even help you promote your app.

Your app must be certified before you can publish it to the Windows Store. The Windows App Certification Kit lets you test your app for many issues before you submit it to the Windows Store. If your app is rejected, you’ll get useful feedback so you can address the issues quickly and resubmit your app for publication. And you’ll know where your app is at every step of the certification process, from upload to final certification and acceptance, using the Windows Store dashboard.

Enterprises that want direct control over their internal distribution process can limit access to the Windows Store catalog or bypass the Windows Store and distribute their apps directly to employees.

conceptual image of app building process and analytics data for an app in the Windows Store

Publish your app to the Windows Store:

  • Get a developer account. A developer license lets you test and build apps, but you need a developer account if you want to sell apps in the Windows Store.

  • Use the Windows App Certification Kit. Before you can publish your app to the store, it must be certified. The Windows App Certification Kit can help you identify potential issues before you submit your app to the Windows Store. 

  • Take your app to market tells you how the app submission process works.

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