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Develop apps

Code samples

Universal app samples

Samples for building an app that you can submit to both the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

Sample app pack

Hundreds of samples from Microsoft to help jumpstart your project quickly.

SearchBox control

Provide search suggestions by using the in-app search control. Key APIs used include AppendQuerySuggestion and SearchBox.

Multiple views

Create and show multiple views of the app, specify which view to show when the app is activated (using ApplicationViewSwitcher), and create custom animations for switching between views.

Handling contact actions

Handle app activation for contact actions through the API of the Windows.ApplicationModel.Activation namespace.


Get current location info for the user's PC with the Geolocation API.

Web authentication

Learn how you can connect to OAuth providers such as Facebook, Flickr, Google, and Twitter using the WebAuthenticationBroker class.

Programming games

Prepare your game programming environment

Get the tools and templates you need to start programming DirectX games for the Windows Store with C++.

Add Windows Store features

Add important features like an app bar, settings and privacy charms, and in-app purchases.

Port from OpenGL ES 2.0

Walk through the process of porting an OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics pipeline, and look up API mapping to Direct3D 11.1.

Port from Direct3D 9

Get articles, overviews, and walkthroughs for porting DirectX 9 games to DirectX 11.1 and the Windows Store.

Programming apps

App architecture

Learn about our new app models and the programming languages available to you. Choose a language and gain a solid understanding of new programming concepts.

App features, start-to-finish

Add commonly used features, like file handling or multimedia playback to your app. The start-to-finish tutorial series helps you refine your app.

Test and debug

Use the tools included with Visual Studio to make your app the highest quality possible before you submit it to the Windows Store.

APIs and languages

Find the APIs you need in whatever programming language you prefer. Learn how to use the Windows Runtime and the Windows Library for JavaScript to build apps.


Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows
with Update 2

Ready to increase your reach? Start building apps now for Windows 8.1 Update and Windows Phone 8.1. The Windows SDK and the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK are components of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2.

Windows 8.1

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows 8.1 is your tool to build Windows Store apps. It includes the Windows SDK for Windows 8.1, Blend for Visual Studio, and project templates.

Windows App Certification Kit

Test your app before you submit it for certification and listing in the Windows Store. Learn more about the Windows App Certification Kit.

In-depth guidance

Develop Hilo

Walk through Hilo, a complete Windows Store app that shows best practices for developing with JavaScript and HTML or C++ and XAML.

Port your app

Have an app on another platform that you'd like to bring to Windows? Use these design and development resources to make your job easier.