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The Windows Phone Store
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Try App Studio

Create apps for all Windows devices

Create apps for all Windows devices

App Studio is an easy-to-use tool that can help you start your app project, and test, publish, and share it. You may have already used App Studio to build Windows Phone apps—now you can use App Studio to build apps for all Windows devices.

Your app on a big screen

Design for large touch-screen displays

Design for large, touch-screen displays

Would your great Windows Store app also be great on an 82” touch display? Large displays, like touch devices from Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft, offer amazing new possibilities along with some unique and even surprising challenges in UX design. Here’s a white paper that’ll help you scale up!

Business app design

App settings

Enterprise administration apps

See how businesses can use apps for enterprise administration. Sample app available in the Windows Store. Sample code provided.
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File Access

Shopping apps

See how you can create a great shopping experience in your app. Sample code provided.
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App tiles and badges

Financial apps: SunGard

See how financial institutions can use apps for retirement portfolio planning. Sample code provided.
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Splash screen

Medical apps: Manipal Hospital

See how medical professionals can use apps to plan their patient visits during medical rounds. Sample code provided.
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Local events

Local events

One Dev Minute

Build a HID motion sensor

Try out this two-for-one sample! It includes a tutorial for building a simple passive-infrared sensor that supports the HID protocol. Plus you get a sample Windows Store app that captures a short video whenever the sensor detects motion.
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Migrate your apps

Retarget your app for Windows 8.1 and take advantage of performance improvements, layout changes, and new controls.
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Flexible window sizes

Learn how to design your app to work with the new window size model in Windows 8.1.

Updating a live tile from a background task

Make your app stand out with a live tile. You can use a background task to update your app's live tile with fresh content.
Quickstart: Update a live tile from a background task

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