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Visual F# Resources

Visual F# is a strongly-typed, functional-first programming language for writing simple code to solve complex problems using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. F# is designed to reduce the time-to-deployment and complexity of software components such as calculation engines and data-rich analytical services in the modern enterprise.

Get Visual F# Tools for Visual Studio 2013.

Learn Visual F#

Using Visual Studio to Write F# Programs

Get an overview of the support for F# in the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including code editing, IntelliSense, debugging, and features that assist in packaging and deploying applications.

Video: An introduction to F#

Learn about Microsoft's new language, F#, a typed functional programming language for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Visual F# Development Portal

Find F# documentation, featured tasks, walkthroughs, samples, and more.

Tutorial on Using F# for Financial Engineering

Learn about F# language features related to financial programming in this tutorial on Try F#.

Visual F# "How Do I?" Videos

Find dozens of videos designed for all F# developers, from the novice to the professional.

Try F# 3.0: Run F# In Your Browser

Get the tutorials, resources and tools you need to begin working with F#.

F# Object-Oriented Programming – Comparison to C#

A quick guide of F #object-oriented programming constructs and their equivalent in C#, where applicable.

The F# WikiBook

An introduction to F# and to functional programming in general.

F# 3.0 Sample Pack

An Introductory Guide and Samples.

Walkthrough: Accessing an OData Service by Using Type Providers (F#)

OData, meaning Open Data Protocol, is a protocol for transferring data over the Internet. Many data providers expose access to their data by publishing an OData web service. This walkthrough shows you how to use the F# ODataService type provider to generate client types for an OData service and query data feeds that the service provides.

F# 3.0 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Type Provider Sample

Download this sample to make working with strongly typed enterprise-scale customer data easier.

Walkthrough: Using Visual F# to Create, Debug, and Deploy an Application

This walkthrough introduces you to the experience of using F# in Visual Studio together with .NET Framework 4.5.