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How Do I: Monitor Application and Feature Usage in Visual Studio 2010?


About This Video:

Do you know how your users are really using your applications? Do you want the insights that an easy and effective Customer Experience Improvement Program can provide? See how to quickly instrument your applications to track real world usage by leveraging the functionality included in Visual Studio 2010 with Dotfuscator. Learn how to implement session tracking to determine what applications have been executed, what versions of those applications, and for how long. Also learn how to implement feature usage tracking to determine what features are being used, in what sequence, and for how long. For more information on Dotfuscator Software Services in Visual Studio 2010 please see Using Visual Studio 2010 to Collect Usage, Performance and Stability Information to Improve Software.The full source for the data visualization application is also available on Codeplex here: The full source for the Runtime Intelligence endpoint that provides the sample data is available here:


Presented by: Brandon Siege



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