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Announcing Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux
Greetings Developer community: We heard yesterday and today at the PASS conference about the exciti... more
Thursday, Oct 13 dpblogs
Annual SQL Connectivity Customer Survey
Greetings to the Developer community: Microsoft SQL Server team has been interacting on a regular ba... more
Wednesday, Aug 17 dpblogs
Last Chance: Help Shape The Future Of SQL Server!
Hello reader, We have extended our SQL Connectivity Customer Survey until November 2, 2010 5:00PM PS... more
Friday, Oct 29 SQL Server Connectivity
SQL Server Customer Survey (Fall 2010)
Greetings to the SQL Server community: Last year in October 2009, we introduced the process of in... more
Tuesday, Oct 12 SQL Server Connectivity


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SQL Server Protocols Resources and Community

Count and display in sql
In my web with sql database i have a data display page which counts from data base an... more
Monday, May 26
MSDN SQL Server Release Notes - May 2014
This release contains updates made to protocol documents since the last release. The following know... more
Wednesday, May 21
Microsoft Redmond Interoperability Plugfest 2014
The registration is now open for the Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest 2014! Register... more
Monday, Apr 21
Open Specifications General FAQ
This material should not be considered as a complete coverage of the frequently asked questions. Its... more
Tuesday, Mar 25

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