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SQL Server 2005 – Replication

SQL Server 2005 replication is a set of solutions that allow you to copy, distribute, and potentially modify data across your enterprise.

Replication InfoCenters

InfoCenters are navigation topics in the SQL Server 2005 Books Online that link to the information that is most important for people working with Replication in different roles.

Planning and Architecture

Use these articles and whitepapers to better understand Replication and plan to use it to distribute data across your systems.


Find the information developers require to build SQL Server topologies and then build applications to administer and control those topologies.


Plan for the deployment of your SQL Server 2005 Replication topologies.

Security and Protection

Help protect your SQL Server 2005 Replication topologies from malicious attacks and improve the security of your data.


Learn about SQL Server 2005 Replication administration and operations tasks such as backup/restore, configuring Replication options, and optimizing performance.

Technical Reference

Find the documentation that covers the behavior of SQL Server 2005 Replication. .